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As one of the most effective and preferred MUN conferences in Izmir, it is an honour for me to announce that our third annual conference will take place in May. Since we have gathered to discuss the first matters of Izmir Gelisim MUN two years ago, I can easily state that we have come a long way. Starting with only 100 delegates from Izmir, we are now ready to host up to 200 delegates from Turkey and abroad.

Gelisim MUN is organised only by our students in high-school. With the dynamic team our executive officers has assembled from 10th and 11th graders this year, we offer you an exceptional conference in means of academic matters, social events and school facilities. Our academic team trained and lead by our most precious Director General Karahan A. KESKİNER, has focused on contemporary issues and come up with detailed and compelling committee topics. Our organisation team has also started to work indefatigably to make you feel as satisfied as we can during the conference.

Many schools are occasionally proud of teaching their students the scientific disciplines in a note-worthy way. Taking into consideration that diplomacy is defined as the science of conducting such negotiations, it isn't hard to notice that many high-school students graduate lacking the aspects of diplomacy. Our aim in Gelisim MUN, is to motivate and excite our delegates in these matters so that we can help our generation achieve more during our lifetimes. All the while these times of despair, I invite all of you to our conference to help each other make changes in this corrupted world. I hope seeing every one of you -the future diplomats and politicians- in May.

Barış Arabacı

Secretary General

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Menemen Yolu Ulukent-İZMİR
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